As part of the project “On the other side”, the international group Gen Verde will propose the evening of April 20, 2018, the show entitled “Start Now”, an event that is part of the non-profit cultural initiatives that our association promotes in Calabria.

Gen Verde is an all-female band composed of 21 female artists from 13 different countries. Their talent and professionalism becomes the means to tell people that they can choose peace over war, cohesion over walls, dialogue over silence. Ultimately, brotherhood, which is the common DNA of every man or woman living on this planet. In 47 years of activity, Gen Verde has brought more than 1,400 shows and events to squares, theaters and stadiums around the world, created hundreds of tours and produced 66 albums in 9 languages.

On April 17-18-19, 2018, Gen Verde will work closely with 150 students from the Crotone area by setting up several artistic workshops in the areas of singing, dance, percussion, and theater. The workshops aim to prepare the kids so they can take part in the April 20 performance.